DisOrientation 2015 Schedule and Descriptions!

DisOrientation 2015 Schedule and Descriptions

DisOrientation is a radically different, politically progressive, series of events that will offer all students and community members access and insight into the exciting political and social justice spheres that exist at York University and in our city. By bringing together a wide range of campus and community groups and services, we are trying to draw the links between the many different kinds of political, environmental and social justice based activism that exists on campus and in our communities.

We are committed to work that deals explicitly with, and confronts, racism, imperialism, colonialism, sexism, misogyny, heterosexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia and all intersecting oppressive forces. We are committed to anti-oppression politics and strive to raise awareness and educate at all our events, but also to prepare and provide the tools that we need in order to actively resist oppressive systems of power.

Monday, September 21st

Anti-Oppression 101 Workshop

12-3pm, room 313

Description- This workshop will be an introduction to anti-oppression principles for folks new to these concepts and a refresher for those are familiar. Expect to do some collaging, small group discussions and self reflection as we all learn and grow together.

Tuesday, September 22nd
Retail Action! Workshop
12:30 - 3pm, room 313

Description - Are you a student working in retail? If so, you’ll appreciate how undervalued, overworked and underpaid retail workers are. This workshop is being sponsored by Retail Action! – a soon-to-be-launched group of student retail workers wanting to join this growing dialogue for change and make a difference in their working lives. Think retail work isn’t important? Come learn about what retail means to Canada’s economy, and particularly to women, students, racialized workers, and immigrants. Share your experiences and stories with other retail workers. Learn the basics about your rights at work. Lend your thoughts to how an innovative new organizing model might reshape how student retail workers advocate for their rights. Retail Action! is a project led by York students and supported by York’s Global Labour Research Centre and Unifor, Canada’s newest and largest union in the private sector.

Trans 101 Workshop
3 - 6pm, room 313

Description - This workshop is coordinated by the Centre for Women and Trans People at York and designed for their volunteers, though OPIRG members and community members are invited to attend. As volunteers at the Centre for Women and Trans People, you will be interacting with diverse populations. Through this workshop, you will gain knowledge on terms and history related to trans people and will develop basic skills in respectful interactions with trans people. This is a space designed to make mistakes and learn, however we ask for a mindful approach to participation.

Art of Resistance
7pm, Grad Students Association

Description - OPIRG York invites you to a multi-media art and musical presentation that blends together themes of food sovereignty, mining justice, Indigenous resistance, the drug war & the war on terror, global capitalism and water. The Beehive presentation will use their latest graphic "MesoAmérica Resiste", in the form of two massive portable murals, to guide the presentation. The presentation will be followed by a hiphop and spoken word performance by Testament of Test Their Logik, that will reinforce the same themes.

Wednesday, September 23rd
Fossil Free Divestment 101
1-3pm, room 313

Description - By investing in fossil fuels, York University is investing in climate change. Come and learn about why the global fossil fuel divestment campaign is taking off, and how you can get involved in making sure that York's investments don't jeopardize our future.

Thursday, September 24th
Navigating Race, Racism and White Privilege in Academic Spaces
1:30 pm, room 313

Description - Spaces such as tutorials, labs, lectures, libraries, and campus culture in general can be violent and reproduce racial violence, however these spaces also have the possibility to be transformative. In this soft launch event for the York Black Graduate Students Collective through a combination of  a formal presentation and table talk style conversations, folks will receive, discuss and reflect on strategies and resources on how to navigate race, racism and white privilege in the classroom and beyond. 
Friday, September 25th
Ryled Up: Counter Conference on Campus Sexual Violence
9am - 5pm, University of Toronto, CB114, Best Institute, U of T. Register online http://goo.gl/forms/19Yggf77tk
Description - In response to Ryley Conference Group for-profit event on campus sexual violence taking place September 24-25 in Toronto, Ryled Up: Counter Conference on Campus Sexual Violence is a space to explore alternatives and to hear from those directly impacted by campus sexual violence and sexual violence policy.
Black Creek Trail Walking Tour
12pm, meet outside Vari Hall
Description - The tour will cover a part of the Black Creek trail close to York University going until we hit the entrance/exit from Tobermory Road. For the most part the path follows the stream which is a sight to behold. Also it is abundant in lush local flora with varied shades and textures of green. Especially during fall, the area is truly magnificent and radiant with its lovely hues of leaves changing colour. Putting aside the physical aspects of the trail, it is a fairly public route but yet it is not one often used. It comes across as a liminal space, situated right between York University and Jane and Finch but not really belonging to either. By going into this space and observing its surroundings one could learn of the ways this quaint trail could be seen as something that could bring both those communities together. 
Rethinking HIV Risk Workshop
3 - 5pm, room 313

Description - This 2 hour workshop will look at the question, "what does sexual health risk mean when we consider the impact of racism, sexism, and queerphobia?"Join us for an interactive workshop on HIV biology, transmission, stigma, and negotiating safer sex. Presented by: ASAAP.

Event Date: 
Monday, September 21, 2015 - 10:00am to Friday, September 25, 2015 - 5:00pm